Alrighty Then, Let’s Get Started

Again welcome to anyone starting this journey with me.  Jump in any time.  I would love to hear from you, whether it’s sharing your own experience or just saying, “Good job!”  I would rather not be slammed in any way, as then I may cry and you wouldn’t want me to turn the waterworks on, would you? Remember the adage, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

This blog will contain incidents and experiences in my journey to get a real diagnosis for the chronic pain and illness that I’ve probably had for a very long time.  It will also be a place for me to come and share other things in my life that I hope you will enjoy like recipes, other things I do in the day and, of course, stories of my cats, Emily and Victoria.  That is if I can get them out of bed.  Really!  They are the laziest cats I know.  But we hoomans live to serve and they are well aware of that policy.


Author: sandihasas

About four years ago, my health really forced me to leave my job and seek disability income. At the time I had no diagnosis. Not that I hadn't been to a medical professional. I'd seen plenty. No one could figure me out. So it goes. Now I AM diagnosed and want to tell my story in sometimes a somewhat humorous manner. I'll post as fatigue, my foggy brain and pain lets me. Watch for other everyday writings from me also. Consider my blog as FB only private. I'm Sandi. Married to Mark for 36 (in June 2017) years. Mommy to Victoria and Emily Kitty Cats. Our dream is to someday move to metro Portland, OR.

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