Welcome To My Blog

Hey!  I’m glad you found me!  I’m working at a šŸ¢ pace to get this up and running.  Please be patient.  It’s all new to me.

Keep checking back as I turn my head inside out trying to figure the ins and outs and ups and downs of what the heck I’m doing.

While you wait, relax and have some tea.  One lump or two?





Author: sandihasas

About four years ago, my health really forced me to leave my job and seek disability income. At the time I had no diagnosis. Not that I hadn't been to a medical professional. I'd seen plenty. No one could figure me out. So it goes. Now I AM diagnosed and want to tell my story in sometimes a somewhat humorous manner. I'll post as fatigue, my foggy brain and pain lets me. Watch for other everyday writings from me also. Consider my blog as FB only private. I'm Sandi. Married to Mark for 36 (in June 2017) years. Mommy to Victoria and Emily Kitty Cats. Our dream is to someday move to metro Portland, OR.

5 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog”

  1. I just love your page. Seem like you have got it all down for us, I’m sure it helps us who feel you pain and have out own.
    Linda C.


  2. Well Sandi you are on your way to establishing yourself in the blogs world. It takes much work and heart to do this. It sure seems that you are up to the task and excelling at it. Best wishes on your journey!


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