I’m Sandi.  I’ve been married to Mark for 36 years (June 2017).  We live on the Central Coast of CA and enjoy the company of two cats named Victoria (tuxedo) and Emily (tabby).  Did you know that all true Tabby cats have an M on their foreheads in their fur?  That’s why we named her EMily.  Actually, that’s not true.  They came as full-grown 5-year-old sisters with other names.  We renamed them after characters on a TV show we followed a couple of years ago.  The two main characters were Victoria and Emily who were vicious rivals.  That’s how our sister cats act and each one acts very much like her character’s name-sake.  Both sneaky and slinky in many ways with Victoria being just a  bit more on the bullish side, just as Victoria was in this series.  Emily can hold her own though with her ninja-like moves.  All is fair in love and play.

I became ill with terrible back pain about 4 years ago.  No, actually longer than that, about 30 years ago.  I started to have flares of severe middle back pain that would have me walking like Frankenstein for about 3 months  before it would finally subside, whether I saw a doctor, chiropractor or massage therapist or treated it in any way.  It was always a three-month flare and then it would ease and go away, leaving me feeling somewhat normal, for me.  I say “normal for me” because I was born with just the slightest case of Cerebral Palsy, so my muscles are always tight, especially in my hips, legs and feet.  So, while I have always been able to walk, watching me run would probably remind you of an old monster movie where the monster would run flat-footed in a flap flapping-type of way.  It was no fun for me in P.E. at school, as no one was eager  to have  a flat-footed, four-eyed, clumsy Bubble Butt on their team.  Yes, I was blessed with an ample backside that made my rather petite frame, all 5’2″ of it, shall I say,  stick out in the crowd and not in a complimentary way.  Needless to say, I was happy when books were closed and school was out!

I’m not going to write anymore here.  Don’t want to tell my whole story in my introduction.  So I will end this small autobiography and move on to the soul of my blog.  Telling the story of what happened when I became ill and in pain and how I was treated by some of the Central Coast’s finest.  I will say now that I have changed some names to protect the apathetic, the ignorant and the greedy.

I lied again.  Three more paragraphs.

There are so many of us who suffer from chronic pain and illness.  Realizing this, I understand everyone reacts differently to medical therapies. Therefore,   I will never recommend  any specific  therapy, mainly because I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, and simply because I haven’t found that secret pill myself.  Still sometimes our stories ride on the same vein…pun intended.  Usually our experiences and accounts have to do with the medical profession, and now the U.S. Government,  with its crackdown on prescribing Opioids, or I should say NOT prescribing Opioids to the people who really need them, the Chronically Ill.  The internet is full  of chronic illness groups.  These groups allow the ill  and those in pain to commiserate and feel like they are not so much alone, and I actually support these groups.  They have been helpful for me at times because if you’re chronically ill, I will say this, many if not most of you have found that your pain and illness isn’t exactly a friendship magnet in the “real” world..

It is not my aim  to reject the whole medical establishment, but I will bring to the table those who have failed because of either just plain ignorance and laziness or have such a caseload because chronic illness is running rampant. I could bring out my opinion of possibly why this is so, but why bring the masses crashing down on me, huh?

I hope you will enjoy my humble efforts as a first time blogger.  Along with that, I hope you will enjoy my story as I strive to not only tell a story but to tell it in a way that will keep you coming back for more.

All the best!